Honesty & Fairness

How we got to this.

Having worked in Sales and Management for the top luxury dealership in Dallas and the nation I was able to set myself apart from the typical salesman stereotype and even thought it would be altogether different due to the level at which the operation was at. Over time I saw that the same tricks, games, fast talk  and even lies were still around. The real difference at that level was the ability to disguise it, or make a client understand. A belief that if they don't know they won't mind; and if they find out, we have a good enough explanation because hey in the long run we will make the right decision for the client. As long as it is in the best interest of the company.

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We believe it's possible to work together with you, we believe we can be completely open and honest, educating our buyer, allowing you to get a great vehicle, for a cost that is no more than it has to be. 

Your Car Company, we'll have you smiling!